Backpacking Cape Chignecto Provincial Park, Nova Scotia

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

A 4 day adventure filled with stunning landscape views!

Cape Chignecto Coastline

We left early morning on August 26th for a 15 hour road trip to Cape Chignecto Provincial Park in Nova Scotia, Canada. The drive was great. We left home at 3am, so by the time the sun came up we were in new territory. Driving through Maine was mostly country roads and not much interstate highways, and we were amazed by the beautiful scenery. Fast forward a few more hours and we enter into Canada. WOW! The highways in Canada are full of beautiful views! As we got closer and closer to the coastline the views just kept getting more amazing! The excitement to arrive at the park and start backpacking was was getting unbearable.


The park was closed. We had a campsite reserved at their main park campground. The camp map was so hard to read. We were so tired. It took us a good 40 minutes to figure out how to get to the campsite. It was a walk-in site at a campground that was more backcountry than a campground. Time to set up in the dark. The night was cool and the stars were shining. Kept the rain fly off. Fell asleep staring at the stars and listening to my friend, Tim, softly play his mini acoustic guitar. Dreaming of what the next day will bring.


We woke up with the sun. So excited to start, we head back to the car and organize our packs one last time. We head to the park office to get our permit. Fill our water and head to the beach. That's it! We are finally off on the trail! In the hectic rush to get ready in the morning the coffee lovers of the group requested we hang out at some rocks before beginning the trail down the beach. What a morning view this was!

Talk about coffee with a view! And then we walk down the beach...

We were full of high spirits the entire day. Actually, the entire trip! All 8 of us could not get over the stunning views! Day 1 was one of the hardest days terrain wise. It was full of very steep inclines and declines, but no one complained. We took a lot of breaks, and had a fantastic lunch at one of the backcountry cabins along the way. We made it to camp in the early evening. Our site was near a rushing creek that was great to soak our feet in all night. Inhaled dinner, hung out a bit and off to sleep. Oh and yes, the soreness was setting in real good already.


I woke up early to have coffee on the beach.